It all started with soap...

SELF Organics was created out of love for my little family. In 2013, as a busy and often tired mum, I wasn't looking after myself and it reflected in the way my family was running as a unit. I decided to do what I love and pursue my passion of organic skincare and formulated my products from my home. By pursuing something I felt passionate about and looking after the people I hold closest, was in fact therapeutic for me. Never stressful. I felt it was my purpose to care for others and show them how to care for themselves.

Each product formulation uses the freshest of raw ingredients, both organic and natural. I like to think of each ingredient playing a part in the overall relaxing experience for my customers. SELF Organics skincare and lifestyle products can be selected individually and made into a pack for a calm, peaceful and relaxing personal spa.

I started out making organic cold pressed soaps, using olive oil, sunflower oil which are well known for their moisturising properties. Then adding soft clays, aromatic essential oils, exfoliants and flowers.

It has now expanded to include, body lotions, balms, bath salts, scrubs, room/linen sprays, candles and hand blended teas. I'm currently in formulation of face masks and facial oils.

The products are made with organic and natural ingredients, and packed in minimal packaging is so that my customers feel they are pampered with the best ingredients and living a full and uncompromised life. Free of nasties, no testing on animals and environmentally friendly.

Made in small batches in Perth Australia. You can be assured you are receiving the freshest skincare from our family.